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The Best Laser Cutters of 2020

Laser cutter is also called laser cutting machine, laser cutting system, laser cutting equipment, which is a CNC laser machine that uses CO2 laser beam or fiber laser beam to cut metal or nonmetal materials to different shapes, Laser Cutter is controlled by a computer with a laser cutting software, you can input your designed laser cutter files to the laser cutting software, the laser cutting software will send a command to the laser cutting machine, then the laser cutter will run according to the command, a 2D or 3D shape will be output in minutes. You can choose different laser cutters with different powers to fit materials with different thickness, you can also choose different laser cutters with different size to fit materials with different size. Fiber laser cutter is equipped with laser power from 300 Watts to 5000 Watts to cut metal materials, CO2 laser cutter is equipped with laser power from 40 Watts to 300 Watts to cut nonmetal materials. Laser cutter is mainly divided into mini laser cutter series, hobby laser cutter series, small laser cutter series, portable laser cutter series, desktop laser cutter series, large format laser cutter series according to sizes.

2020 Best CO2 Laser Cutter Videos

Find most helpful best CO2 laser cutter videos of thin metal cutting and nonmetal cutting.

CO2 laser cutting machine for 20mm hard wood

Mixed CO2 laser cutting machine with 280W laser tube

2020 Best Fiber Laser Cutter Videos

Find most helpful best fiber laser cutter videos of sheet metal cutting and fiber laser tube cutting.

A guide to buy an affordable fiber laser cutter for metal

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine with Fiber Laser Source

How does a Laser Cutter Work?

How does a Laser Cutter Work?

First, you should know the main parts of a laser cutter, includes machine bed, laser head, laser tube, laser mirror, laser lens, laser nozzle, power supply, water chiller, laser control system, laser connector wire, screw terminal, potentiometer panel mount and laser goggles, etc. Laser cutter uses a laser beam to cut metal and nonmetal materials, Laser cutters work by directing the laser beam output through optics. You can use CorelDraw, PhotoShop, AutoCAD or TAJIMA to design a laser cutter file of BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, AI, then you use laser control system and laser cutter software to output the laser cutter files to cut patterns onto materials.

How to buy a Laser Cutter?

How to buy a Laser Cutter?

We will recommend best laser cutting machine to you after getting your requirements.
Free Quotation
We will send you a free quotation with specifications, accessories, options and price according to your requirements.
Business Process Evaluation
We will evaluate and discuss all the business details(business terms, configurations and options) of the order with you to exclude any misunderstanding.
Placing an Order
If you have no doubts, we will send the PI (Proforma Invoice) to you, and then we will sign a contract with you.
We will arrange the laser cutting machine manufacturing after getting your contract and deposit . The latest information about your laser cutting machine production will be updated and informed to you during the production.
Quality Inspection
The whole laser cutting machine production procedure will be under regular inspection and strict quality control. The whole laser cutting machine will be tested to ensure running well before being out of factory.
Shipping or Air Flight
We will arrange the shipping or air flight according to the terms we both agreed.
Custom Clearance
We will offer all the necessary shipping or air flight documents to you and ensure a smooth customs clearance.
Service and Support
We will offer professional technical support and intime after-sale service by Email, Phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Online Live Chat, Remote Service around the clock. We also have door-to-door service in some areas.